Our Vision & Mission


Making the young budding professional globally competitive in the Education sector.
Providing excellence in the Education sector.
Enriching the society with the values of Education.
Bridging the gap between Students and the Educationists to bring innovation in the Education system.


To understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of secondary education;
To develop sensitivity to socio-cultural issues of national concern;
To develop an understanding of the psychology of the learners;
To foster creative thinking among pupils for reconstruction of knowledge;
To develop skills for providing guidance and counselling;
To undertake Action Research in education;
To develop communication skills and use modern information technology for school teaching;
To acquire competencies relevant to stage specific pedagogy, curriculum development, its transaction evaluation;
To make pedagogical analysis of the subjects they are to teach at the secondary stage;
To develop capacity to organize recreational activities; inspire their students to actively participate in physical and yogic exercises, games and sports;
To develop positive attitude to teaching profession and
To develop aesthetic sensibilities.